Pistachio Panettone: New product of Christmas 2022

This Christmas, Scudieri Firenze brings a delicious novelty to the homes of Florentines and anyone who loves our city: Pistachio Panettone.

Free of artificial flavors and left to rise slowly, the new panettone is filled with a tasty cream of fine Italian pistachio and covered with the best white chocolate. The creator of this irresistible recipe is our new pastry chef, a young professional, a pupil of Iginio Massari, who renews the artisan production of the Scudieri pastry making it naturally good.

In fact, a few rules, simple but very precise, are those followed by our master pastry chef: Italian, genuine, little-processed ingredients and, above all, without the addition of chemical aromas, replaced instead by vanilla with orange paste to give great aromas and authentic tastes.

After trying it, can we no longer imagine what Christmas would be without Pistachio Panettone?

Come stock up for yourself and your loved ones.

Caffè Scudieri awaits you every day from 07.00 to 23.00 in Piazza San Giovanni 19/R - Florence.

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