Florentine tradition

Historic Florentine football

The historic Florentine football is the highly anticipated summer event that takes place in Piazza Santa Croce and is divided into a tournament of three games, two eliminations and one final, on the occasion of the annual celebrations of San Giovanni, patron saint of the city, on June 24. The four historic districts of Florence challenge each other to which a color is combined: Bianchi di Santo Spirito, Rossi di Santa Maria Novella, Azzurri from Santa Croce, Verdi from San Giovanni. The draw of the teams that will compete takes place on Easter day.
A wonderful parade in historical costumes runs through the streets of the center starting from Piazza Santa Maria Novella to arrive in Piazza Santa Croce. All four teams are present at the parade, even those who do not have to play the final. The parade begins approximately around 4 in the afternoon, to arrive in the square around 5, the starting time of the final. The day ends with the fireworks that are launched from Piazzale Michelangelo.
This year, the tournament will not take place in June, but may be postponed to late summer.

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